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Totnes Art and Design Foundation Course

Pearson BTEC Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice


Ashburton Road



Tel. 01803 869210 ext396

Course Leader:  Gabrielle Llewellin



19th May 2021



Dear New Foundation Student,

Re:      Enrolment on Foundation Course 2021-22

(Friday 3rd September 2021)

You are required to attend an enrolment meeting on Friday 3rd September at 12pm. Please report directly to the Foundation Studios at Kennicott. The whole process of enrolment should be finished by 2pm. Please bring with you:

  • A4 size ring binder and writing paper
  • Biro/pen etc
  • A recent passport size photograph of yourself
  • A copy of your A-Level results or equivalent
  • Your UCI and UPN numbers (Your UCI number is printed on your exam certificates and your UPN number is available from your school). (These numbers are not required by mature part-time students)

The meeting will include the completion of the formal registration procedure, the issuing of timetables and completion of further workshop options forms and the allocation of desk spaces and plan chest drawers. However, the main purpose of the meeting will be to meet your new colleagues and the Foundation staff team and to get into gear for starting practical work on the following Monday morning.

The course starts properly at 9am on Monday 6th September. It is important that you are prepared to start practical work on this first day, as we will be starting the first major project in earnest on day one. Therefore, please bring with you:

  • A cheque for £250.00 (or £125.00 if you are part-time) made payable to ‘DCC KEVICC’ to cover your studio materials fee for the year (see below)
  • A4 size ring binder with writing paper
  • Biro/pens etc
  • 3B pencil, a ruler, a Stanley Knife, scissors, masking tape, an eraser, a Prit glue stick
  • Five manufactured or natural objects painted white (see your ‘Summer Tasks’ sheet for details)

Studio Fee

Students are required to supply the vast majority of their own art materials for the duration of the course (see Materials List). However, it would be impractical for students to provide or source some materials so the Foundation Course provides some of these for you.

This includes basic cartridge paper, printing inks, clay, plaster and some photographic chemicals etc. There is a studio fee that all students are required to pay in the first week of term to cover these costs. The studio fee for full-time students for 2021-22 is set at £250.00 and for part-time students at £125.00 for each of the two years.

Yours sincerely

Gabrielle Llewellin

Gabrielle Llewellin

Foundation Course Leader